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Wed, Sep. 6th, 2006, 08:02 pm

I am so excited!! I am counting down the days!! :)

Thu, Jul. 13th, 2006, 09:32 am

So lots of stuff has been going on recently. Alan and I have been going on trips every weekend since we met. Last weekend we went home to see my family and go to Silver Creek Falls. It was beautiful and a lot of fun. The weekend before that we went and saw his parents up in North Bend. I love the coast so much!!

On another note Alan is in the process of moving into the house. We made one of my empty rooms into an office. I feel like such a grownup with an office. haha.

We just bought tickets to Orlando!! We are going to Disney World. YAYYAYA! Neither of us have ever been to Florida so it should be really exciting.

School is going good. Only 3 more weeks until the term is over.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous summer. Leave me a note and let me know what you have been up to! :)

:) Carla.

Sun, May. 28th, 2006, 07:50 pm

I just got back from the best camping trip. There were 16 of us and we went out to this place on the Williamson River. It was gorgeous. The weather on the other hand was not so gorgeous. Friday night it snowed on us. Freaking snow in May! Wow, only in Klamath Falls. Then almost all day Saturday it rained on us, but all in all it was a great trip!! We are planning on many more camping trips this summer which I am looking forward to!! I can't believe how fast this term went by! It seriously feels like it just started. It's amazing how much has happened when I look back at the term. Lots of good things and bad things, but thats expected.

I am going to try and update this thing more now that I know my password!!

:) Carla

Happy Memorial Day tomorrow.

Thu, Jan. 26th, 2006, 08:08 pm

Probably not the best time to be updating my journal, since I am feeling really depressed for some reason. Today just has not been a good day for me. I can't even really pin point what it is that is upseting me, but oh well.. anyways.. Terms going good so far. Not nearly as much homework so far as in previous terms. Which scares me because im wondering when the bomb is going to drop.. Im still living in the trailer and there is not end in sight for when the house is going to be done. Its starting to get ridiculous with these people. They have so many excuses for why they can't work on my house. we have a big storm warning for tonight. Lots of snow is coming I guess. Ugh. I wish the snow would go away. I like looking at it, but I don't like slipping in it or driving in it. Man, I guess this is going to be my journal to rant in. At least tomorrow is Friday!! Hopefully good things will happen this weekend!! That would be nice!! There are two basketball games and those are always fun... so hopefully that is cool. Anyways, Im done ranting for now. I think I am going to try to write in this more than once in a blue moon and write things when I am happy!! Because contrary to what this may lead you to believe I am very happy and I am really enjoying life in KFalls.

:) Carla

Sat, Dec. 10th, 2005, 08:41 am
Christmas Break!

So its finally Christmas break! Thank goodness! I don't know if I could have taken much more of my classes. I didn't get as good of grades as I had hoped for this term, but I am just happy that I passed. This term was the term from hell to say the least. Thankfully I hear it is supposed to be our hardest term of nursing school, but who knows. They will probably say that every term from here on out. Only 6 more terms to go! I can do it. I found out I have to go summer term as well this year. 5 weeks. I guess that isn't to bad. My mom promised that we would go to Hawaii after I got out, so that would be amazing if I can keep her to her word. I haven't seen my grandparents in forever and of course it would be nice to be in the wonderful state of Hawaii! Where it is warm! It has been like 9 degrees here every night. Its crazy. So much snow too. I think my body has gotten used to the cold weather though, because I can go out in a little jacket in 15 degree weather and be fine. Before I had to wear 5 layers and I was still cold. Im going to be down in KFalls for a few more days. Im going to dancing with some friends and then the nursing girls are having a slumber party tomorrow night. Should be a lot of fun. Then Kira and I are off to Salem for a few days. Then we are going to go down to Grants Pass for a few days. Im super excited!! My house is coming along pretty well. The roofer was supposed to put the roof on yesterday, but he had an "accident" of some sort and won't be able to put the roof on until Monday. So I pray everything works out with that. That's all I want for Christmas... my house to be finished!!

I hope everyone is doing well and finals went well for everyone! Hopefully I will get to see a few of you when I am up in Salem for a few days!!

:) Carla

Fri, Nov. 18th, 2005, 04:57 am
It's to early!

It's 4:57am and I have to go to class! What is the world coming too!

Tue, Nov. 8th, 2005, 02:05 pm
Snow and Birthdays!

So, guess what?

I am not 21 freaking years old!! My boyfriend Tom and I went out to dinner last night. It was a lot of fun. We went out to this nice mexican restraunt and then tomorrow my friends from the nursing program are taking me out to dinner. Should be fun!! Its cool to finally say I am 21, but it doesn't really feel like I should be able to buy alcohol now. lol. And just for the record I did not go out and drink last night. I actually didn't have anything to drink. Maybe I will regret that later, because I won't have a funny story to share about my 21st, but I still had a great time wihout alcohol. It has been crazy snowy down here. I fianlly drove my car today after 3 days! I have been scared to drive it. I now think it is stuck out in my yard, but thats another story. I just pray that I get used to driving in the snow or I am going to be screwed when it starts REALLLY snowing as everyone says. On another note, the framers have started framing my house!! I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited!! I can't wait to have my own house and not have to call his trailer my home any longer. Well, this is enough of an update for me!! Hope all is well with everyone!!

:) Carla

Thu, Nov. 3rd, 2005, 08:06 am
Little Update....

What has been going on since I last updated:

* It snowed last night! Crazy!!
* My birthday is on Monday!! YAY!
* I broke up with Jeff on Thursday. It just wasn't working out.
* Nursing school is tough. Tons of homework.
* Kira is the greatest person ever!
* Im still living in the trailer.
* My house is just a foundation right now and has been for the last 6 weeks. blah!
* Tomorrow to get to take care of a patient all by myself at the hospital.
* I am giving shots tomorrow at the flu clinic!! Scary!! ;)
* I went on a date last night! It was a lot of fun!
* I miss my kitten bear soooo much!!
* Halloween was SOO much fun!! I was a cat and I was inspired by Bear.
* I am starting to really like living in KFalls.
* I guess I live in a bad neighborhood. I learned that yesterday.

I hope everyone is doing well.

:) Carla

Sat, Oct. 1st, 2005, 02:03 pm
Im still alive!

I finally got internet after being down here for 2 weeks. Its nice to be able to get on a use aim once again. Nothing to exciting is going on down here. Just TONS, I mean tons of class and homework. I start my cinical rotations next week on Friday. I am working on the Ortho-Nero unit, Which is where patients who have had strokes or hip replacements go. Its scary, I mean I haven't even been doing this for 3 months yet and I already will have patients. Things are going good down here. Im still with Jeff, almost 3 months. My house has a foundation, so at least I can see that there is progress.

Well, I better get back to my homework. Just thought I would give a little update and let everyone know I am still alive and well!!

:) Carla

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